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CRACK Serif.Movie.Plus.X5.ISO-TBE [Latest]




avi video files in addition to a .mp4 and .mkv formats are supported. Furthermore, you will not have to buy the latest version of the program - for this .avi movie format is already included in MoviePlus X5 software. The updated program is working on Windows and macOS operating systems. It is also possible to download a free trial version of this movie converter . The interface of the program has not changed in comparison with the previous version. The main window, whose name is MoviePlus X5, is located in the left part of the interface. It contains such elements as the video converter, and the indicators of installed add-ons. A video converter window is located on the right side of the interface. It allows you to work with the AVI and MP4 files, and save them to the .avi format. A .avi video file is quite similar to a .mp4 file, which is due to the support of multimedia codecs in both programs. What is more, the size of the file, which contains the same information, is similar to the .mkv file, because the codecs are shared between MoviePlus X5 and .mkv Converter. Steps to convert .avi file to .mp4 file Step 1: open the software, launch a video file in the .avi format, and save it to the .mp4 format; Step 2: you can use MoviePlus X5 to convert the .avi file to .mp4. When you open the program and select the .avi file, you will see a message with the name of the file and the time that you have chosen. After that, just click the Convert button, and the conversion will begin. It will not take very long to finish the process, and the video format of the file will be changed to .mp4. Steps to convert .avi file to .mkv file The most convenient way to create a .mkv video file with the help of MoviePlus X5 program is to convert an .avi file to .mkv in such a way. The program will not only save the file, but also combine several audio and video tracks in one video file. When you open the .mkv video converter, you will see a list of all the audio and video tracks in the AVI file. Just click on them, and




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CRACK Serif.Movie.Plus.X5.ISO-TBE [Latest]

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