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We provide IT Support for small businesses that rely on technology but do not have a full time IT department. We design our services around customer needs and preferences. Below are examples of how we work with clients to provide IT Support. 

On-Demand "Break/Fix" Services

This is our most basic level of service: you have a technology problem and call us. We find a way to fix the problem or provide an alternate solution. There is no long term commitment, just an hourly engagement of our services.

Project-Based Services

Some clients contract with us for a very specific project or installation. It could be the installation of a new network, improving their WiFi, setting up security cameras, or replacing a phone system. We provide an estimate and execute the project.

Managed Services

With managed services, we are contracted to be your support team for either some or all of the technology in your office. We install remote access tools that enable us to help you from our office. 

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